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Natural stone

French or Croatian limestone, Indian sandstone, Brazilian slate and Scandinavian quartzite: these are just a few examples of the unique types of natural stone that STONE carefully selects for you.

Our search for the best quality natural stone always begins at the source.

From quarries worldwide we distribute to Belgium, Europe and far beyond. This way, we offer an endless choice of plates and tiles, as varied and individual as nature itself.

Natural stone

Types of natural stone

A timeless touch of natural beauty that complements any interior and exterior project. Discover some of the amazing natural stones from all around the world that STONE loves to introduce to you.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is formed by the accumulation of (calcareous) material remains of marine organisms. Limestone therefore mainly consists of calcium carbonate and fossils are regularly found in it (shells, ammonites, etc.). Bluestone is an example of a fossil limestone, consisting of the remains of sea lilies.

In bold colors, veined or with a crystalline structure. Polished or blasted and tempered, from the far-flung corners of Europe or close to us; no other type of natural stone appeals to the imagination like marble does. From timeless classics like Carrara or Emperador to the most exclusive types such as Calacatta, Estatuario, Fior di bosco, Breccia Capraia or Arrabescato, you will definitely find a marble type that fits your interior.

Slate is a stone characterized by a clear, dominant foliation of alternating layers. Thanks to this foliation, slate has a strong cleavage and crumbles into thin, plate-shaped chunks. Slate is naturally formed by the metamorphosis of clay-rich sediment, such as shale or clay stone.

Quartzite is a rock that mainly consists of the mineral quartz. Quartzite often arose from (sedimentary) quartz sand that was initially compressed into sandstone. The individual sand grains can still be seen in such sandstone. Quartzite can also be further hardened by pressure and temperature or by deposition of binding gravel, after which the individual grains are no longer visible.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that mainly consists of grains of sand. During sedimentation of sand grains, also silt, lime, gravel, glimmers, feldspar and other rock fragments are deposited. Due to weathering, an originally yellow-brown sandstone turns gray. The occurrence of certain oxides and other minerals colors variants brown-red.

Granite is an intrusive rock, which means that it is formed by the underground solidification of magma. Because granite has solidified at depth, the minerals have had time to form crystals during slow cooling.

Quarry stone is a natural stone of irregular shape, as it has been removed uncut or only slightly treated from the quarry. Thanks to the unique character, surface and structure, quarry stones add a natural touch to every project.

Nowhere as popular as here in Flanders! From trophy after the hellish passage or climb to garden path, terrace or driveway. These classics withstand wind and weather, can take a hit and last a lifetime. Available in soft earthy colors, sparkling quartzite or a seasoned reclaimed version, these are the stones for your outdoor space.

Klinstones are small stones measuring 20 cm by 5 cm. Thanks to the small size, they are easily assembled in diverse laying patterns. Available in grey, red or yellow, blue hardstone or soft beige limestone; these klinstones are highly suitable for garden paths, borders, stairs, terraces and driveways.

Discover our exclusive and exotic natural stones, sourced from quarries around the world. With their unique colors, textures, and patterns, these materials bring unparalleled beauty tailored to your interior. Let your space come to life with this exceptional assortment of natural stones.

Travertine is a beautiful natural stone that is often used in interior and exterior designs. It is known for its unique texture and warm appearance. The distinctive pores and veins in travertine give it a playful and organic look. Using travertine in your interior adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty. Whether you choose a modern or classical style, travertine offers countless possibilities to give your space a timeless and luxurious look.

In summary, travertine is a versatile and stunning natural stone that can be a stylish addition to any interior or exterior design. It combines natural beauty with durability and easy maintenance, making it a favorite choice for many people.


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