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Distinct chunks or fine speckles, in monochrome shades or a striking variety of colors: terrazzo is back. This versatile composite trend adds an original touch to any interior thanks to a unique mix of marble, quartz or granite grains. Whether it’s pressed into tiles or slabs sawn from blocks, compacted with high-quality cement or fixed in synthetic resin: you decide which type of terrazzo fits your project best.

As manufacturer, we breathe terrazzo. We have gathered our extensive range under the Bomarbre brand name. We combine contemporary craftsmanship with a rich tradition in order to develop products that are truly timeless.


Types of Terrazzo

Subtle and elegant or eye-catching and invigorating. For a statement floor or a sophisticated countertop. STONE offers a type of terrazzo for any project.

Thanks to a unique production process, the so-called vibro compaction under vacuum, the cement-bonded stone composite tiles Bomarbre Compact are extremely resistant to pressure, stains and wear, weather conditions and light. The tiles are available in marble, granite, with quartz grains or rolled river stones and are calibrated, cut to size and delivered with a facet border. Depending on the esthetical and non-slip requirements, Bomarbre Compact tiles are finished polished, sweetened, brushed or blasted.

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