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Full body, colored body, handmade or high-tech: the ceramic floor tiles by STONE are infinitely varied. They cover every floor with soft color shades or charming retro patterns, and take stunning looks of natural stone, parquet or concrete. Ceramic floor tiles are scratch-resistant, easy to maintain and available in the most diverse sizes: from XXL to XS mosaics.

STONE is a wholesaler of ceramic floor and wall tiles. We distribute the following brands: Altra Pietra, Ascale, Alleluia, Appiani, Coem, Fioranese, Imola, Keratec, Margres, Pamesa, Primus Vittoria, Seranit, Vogue and Zelliges.


Discover our stone offering

The infinite variations of ceramic tiles can be discovered in our collection as well. Glazed and full body, handmade or technical, from small to extra large, or single fired versus double loaded. Discover our ceramic tiles in all their shapes.

Our private label ceramic outdoor tiles, inspired by a large variety of natural stones and made in Italy, guarantees a multitude of possibilities for terraces, driveways, outdoor landscape and pool coverings. Thanks to the different sizes and thicknesses, Altra Pietra offers solutions for the residential and contract market.

Our private label ceramic wall and floor tiles. Terrazzo or stone looks. High-end or project-oriented; this offering was designed with and for our domestic market. Quickly available for delivery from stock and ready to install.

Aleluia Cerâmicas was founded in 1905 by the Aleluia family. Over a century later, the company has grown to a high-tech business exclusively focused on the production and decoration of ceramic wall and floor tiles. Aleluia Cerâmicas is a well-known name in the ceramic world.

Coem’s primary aim has always been to emulate the beauty of nature through porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles with outstanding technological qualities, destined for residential and commercial building projects.

Coem porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles are made in two leading-edge factories located in the heart of the Italian ceramic district. Our stone-effect, wood-effect and other surfaces simply seek to boost the performance of the natural materials they’re inspired by.

Vital, warm and contemporary, Imola has a solid and durable product to satisfy any need for style. Made in Imola means made with passion. For 147 years.
Imola offers everyone the chance to make their dreams come true.
Thanks to their collections, you can celebrate your passions, your life, your desire to be happy and share special moments with the people you love every day. Imola decorates spaces and create environments and situations that make your moments special.

Margres is one of the leading brands in the porcelain stoneware sector, specialized in floorings and coatings. It started production in its industrial unit of Ílhavo (Portugal) in 1982 as one of the first porcelain stoneware factories in the world.

Margres dedicates itself exclusively to the production of porcelain stoneware, a premium product providing solutions for any type of construction in private or public spaces due to its high technical advantages. The features that make this product unique stem from the use of the most modern state-of-the art technology, high-quality raw materials and an aesthetic concern that meets the contemporary architecture’s demands.

49 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE - Pamesa Cerámica from Spain is the parent company of the Pamesa Group, which aims to be a leading benchmark in the design, manufacture and marketing of ceramic products that satisfy its customers’ needs and guarantee excellent quality, design and value for money.

Founded 30 years ago in Bilecik as the first porcelain factory of Turkey, Seranit joined the Sinpaş Holding, one of the biggest holdings of Turkey, in 2002 after 10 years. Since the foundation, it has continued its activities in accordance with its vision to be a “leading worldwide brand that prospers by involving all its stakeholders in the pursuit of excellence, while contributing to the society and the world.”

Stargres is one of the biggest producers of stoneware in Poland, present on the market since 2005. In the company’s portfolio, there are tiles for the interior and for the exterior, in a wide range of formats and structures. The Company’s biggest priorities are high quality and ecology of production, which is why all of the company’s products meet even most rigorous Polish and European norms.

The design of Stargres’s tiles is the result of the work of the most prominent Polish, Spanish and Italian design studios. A combination of modern design and commitment to the quality of production and finishing makes the products of Stargres attractive for the recipients not only in Poland and in Europe, but also in Asia and in Africa. The company’s clients appreciate both the aesthetics and the resilience against changing weather conditions and against chemical substances.

Innovative products are the Stargers’ speciality, who, as the first producer in Poland included 2-cm thick stoneware (STAR 2.0) in their offer. The porcelain stoneware is characterised by a wide range of possible applications, e.g. on terraces and in gardens. For the purposes of the project, we also created a special installation system.

Extruded under high pressure and baked up to 1,250 degrees, ceramics prove to be a stylish and hygienic partner for every space in your home. Heat, scratches or acids: ceramic does not budge. Cooking without worries in a maintenance-friendly environment gets an extra dimension thanks to the fashionable appearance of ceramics. As kitchen worktop, washbasin top or stove cover: ceramics are available in various colors and dimensions, and above all available in an unrivalled natural stone look such as the Calacatta, Estatuario or our own Belgian Hardstone.

Leading Spanish manufacturer of ceramic slab material, exclusively available at Stone in 6, 12 and 20mm. Exclusive marbles, travertine, limestones, and modern finishing materials form the basis for designs from Ascale's catalog. Heat-, scratch-, and acid-resistant lightweight powerhouse and thus the perfect base material for custom projects such as kitchen and bathroom countertops or facade cladding.

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