Your custom work, our passion

The STONE studio is the beating heart of our company. This is where we breathe life into every material. The combination of in-depth product knowledge, expertise and high-performance machines results in brilliant custom work and can have both interior and exterior applications.


In the form of stairs, kitchen counters, showers, façades, wall covering or custom tiles, we cut and process nature stone, ceramics, quartz composite and terrazzo in our studio. Everything is geared to the requirements of your project.


Whether you opt for the unique aspect of genuine nature stone, the hard-as-nails character of quartz composite, the cheery particles of terrazzo or the hygienic and scratch-resistant characteristics of ceramics: every material looks different and has exceptional qualities.


Would you like to considerably extend the service life of your custom work? You must maintain the material you selected in the right way. You must always choose the perfect counter in the function of your personal taste and lifestyle.

Photographer: Sander Buyck 

Four unique materials, each with their own character

1/ Custom work in quartz composite

STONE has been known as a manufacturer of quartz composite for years, under the name Bomarbre. This resin-bound material, in addition to colour pigments, consists of 95% quartz crystals as aggregate. Did you know that quartz is the hardest mineral after precious stones? This makes kitchen counters made of quartz composite by STONE particularly strong and they have fantastic characteristics that are perfect for a demanding kitchen environment: scratch-resistant, dirt-repelling, acid-resistant, hygienic and particularly maintenance-friendly.


Would you like a kitchen counter or other customized items in quartz composite? Browse through our assortment

2/ Custom work in nature stone

STONE’s DNA is brimming with love and passion for the unparalleled power and endlessness of genuine nature stone. Whether you like the refined finesse or drama of marble, the hardness of granite, the layered whimsicality of limestone or the soft character of warm sandstone: all our nature stone panels create a soul within the most diverse interiors.


When you opt for customized nature stone, you opt for a lifelong ally in your home. Let yourself be tempted.

Photographer: Sander Buyck 

3/ Custom work in ceramics

Pressed under high pressure and fired to 1,250 degrees, ceramic is a stylish and hygienic partner for any room in your home. Heat, scratches or acids: ceramic doesn’t budge. And, carefree cooking in a maintenance-friendly environment gets an added dimension thanks to ceramic’s fashionable look. As a shower basin, bathroom or kitchen counter: ceramic is available in various colours and dimensions and is also available in an unparalleled nature stone look, such as, for example, the Calacatta, Estatuario or our own Belgian bluestone imitation Pierre Bleue.


Custom work in ceramic is endlessly versatile. Dream with us!

4/ Custom work in terrazzo

When you say terrazzo, you think Bomarbre. STONE’s terrazzo line is distinguished by its production process in four product groups, each with its own character. For custom work, such as showers, kitchen or bathroom counters, the ‘Bomarbre XXL’ series is particularly suitable. These pigmented marble composite panels bound with high-quality Portland cement are available in a range of colours and are cut and processed at the STONE studio. With their colourful particles and cheerful character, a kitchen counter, a set of stairs or other custom work in terrazzo is the eye-catcher you’ve been dreaming of for your interior.

Would you like to see the picture complete? Opt for a matching terrazzo floor tile!


With custom work in terrazzo you are getting a timeless eye-catcher in your home. Which Bomarbre terrazzo from STONE will be decorating your interior soon?

Types of finishing and custom work

You can come to the STONE studio for all kinds of standard edge finishing or special finishing of counters in quartz resin, nature stone, ceramics or terrazzo. From recesses for cook stoves and sinks, tap holes or power outlets to finishing in mitre, with water grooves in a slope or with a cut-out drain: custom work by STONE is flawless.

Depending on the chosen material, you can opt for various types of surface finishing:

  • silk
  • satin
  • velvet
  • honed
  • patinato
  • natural
  • polished
  • flamed
  • blasted
  • river-washed
  • bush-hammered
  • combinations (nature stone)

Photographer: Sander Buyck 

Looking for custom work in nature stone, ceramic or terrazzo?

Do you dream about a customized kitchen? At STONE, your counter becomes an ally through time. A silent witness for sometimes a whole lifetime.


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