Interior floors in terrazzo

Terazzo floors are totally back from never having been gone. Thanks to the colourful particles of marble, quartz or granite, and the addition of pigmented cement or resin, STONE’s Bomarbre floor tiles in terrazzo provide a stylish impression and a colourful touch to any interior. Terrazzo floor tiles are suitable for heavy or light walking traffic and can also be custom-cut for your project.

Want to develop your own unique custom terrazzo? With STONE, you can!

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Bomarbre Classic

Stairs in terrazzo

From utility building to your personal home: stairs in terrazzo are great for any interior or project. In the STONE studio, steps, planks, baseboards, doorsteps, blanks, column coverings and other custom work made with terrazzo.

For your terrazzo stairs, you can choose between cement-bound or resin-bound terrazzo by STONE. Do you have a specific project? Get in touch with STONE. We will support you from design right through to creating detailed construction plans.

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Bomarbre Classic

Kitchen and bathroom counters in terrazzo

With a kitchen counter in terrazzo, you have the ideal recipe for a unique kitchen! A rich mix of marble granules and pigmented cement binding creates unique counters with their very own character. The kitchen and bathroom counters in terrazzo are made from terrazzo panels and cut to size in the STONE studio.

Would you like the complete picture? Opt for a matching terrazzo floor tile!

Bomarbre Quartzresine

Façade covering in terrazzo

A façade covering in terrazzo brings dynamism to any project. STONE’s Bomarbre terrazzos are often cut from blocks and customized in our studio. Anchoring them onto the façade is done with nature stone anchors or a more specific anchoring system.

A façade covering in terrazzo does not always have to be extravagant. Because, besides the obvious terrazzo-look, you can also opt for a façade in a terrazzo with a refined and uniform look. The Bomarbre terrazzos with very fine granules are perfect for this.

Bomarbre Classic

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