Interior floors in nature stone

The possibilities of floor tiles in nature stone are endlessly varied. Whether you opt for Belgian bluestone, Italian travertine or Brazilian quartzite: nature stone from STONE is of the highest quality and is always selected with the greatest care.

Are you opting for a customized floor tile in nature stone for your project? In the STONE studio we cut the nature stone panels into custom tiles and give them a polished, honed, patinato, blasted or flamed finish.

You should always choose the right nature stone interior floor with respect to the requirements of your project. Our consultants will recommend suitable nature stone floor tiles for every project, always accompanied by correct maintenance and installation advice.



External nature stone floors: patios, driveways, etc.

External nature stone flooring is authentic, sustainable and stylish. Nature stone for outdoors is available in every colour nuance and for every application, in various dimensions and with different types of finishing.

Ask STONE for suitable installation and maintenance advice.



Façade covering in nature stone

A façade in nature stone always creates a unique result. From nature stone strips to massive nature stone panels as façade covering: nature stone as façade covering is always a beautiful and low-maintenance idea. STONE offers a very wide assortment of nature stone that is suitable as façade covering.

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Wall covering in nature stone

Nature stone’s greatest asset is its unique character.

Whether it consists of an irregular interplay of lines, unparalleled colour hues, deep veins, or a delicate homogeneity: nature stone is endless, undefinable, timeless and always has a unique, unmatchable character. That is why it lends itself so perfectly as wall covering. It can be a subtle presence or an eye-catcher of substantial size.

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Kitchen and sink counters in nature stone

In granite, marble or bluestone; a kitchen counter or bathroom counter in nature stones creates authenticity in any interior. Every nature stone looks different and has unique features. You should always choose the perfect nature stone counter in function of your personal taste and the requirements of the project.


Stairs in nature stone

Stairs, floors, walls or counters: nature stone perfectly lends itself to custom work! Nature stone stairs are available in a range of colours and types and are finished with an anti-slip coat, anti-slip grooves, or other possible finishes in the STONE studio.








Other custom work in nature stone

STONE’s DNA is brimming with love and passion for the unparalleled strength and endlessness of genuine nature stone. Whether you like the refined finesse or drama of marble, the hardness of granite, the layered whimsicality of limestone or the warmth of travertine: all of our panels create a soul in the most diverse interiors. Thanks to our years of expertise and our extensive range, you will find the perfect stone for every project and application at STONE. In addition, we will guide your seamlessly with smart tips and maintenance advice so that a kitchen counter, a set of stairs or a shower in nature stone will become a lifelong ally.

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