STONE: passion for stone since 1923

How it all began

If you look over STONE’s shoulder to where it once began, you will be looking back on nearly 100 years of history, expertise and mastery.

The company laid its first stone in 1923 with the creation of the well-known composite producer and market leader in terrazzo, Bombarbre.

A second cornerstone followed in 1959, when the former Stone NV and Stone West positioned themselves as nature stone discoverers and began to import new types of stone to Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world, from quarries all over the world.

With Cerabos as the third pillar, innovation became a focus in 2006. Ceramic tiles for indoors, outdoors, as façade covering or as kitchen counter: nothing was impossible with this scratch-resistant, fired material!

From triptych to one established value

With DNA bursting with expertise and knowhow in nature stone, terrazzo and ceramics, we have bundled these three powerful company into one established value: STONE, on 1 July 2018.

This enables you to find three product groups and three activities under one roof from now on; each accompanied by years of history and deep-rooted expertise.


Because as a wholesaler in tiles and panels, as a supplier of custom work in stairs and kitchens and more, and with an export division built on trading and foreign projects, STONE has grown into a particularly strong player and a high-quality solution provider for nature stone, ceramics and terrazzo.

The power of this cross pollination lies not only in the combination of our materials, but also in bringing together passionate people. It is due to the intense efforts of our employees that the first brick was able to grow into a powerful company that manages as many as three market segments in nearly 100 years.


Three materials, three activities and one DNA chockful of expertise: that is STONE. That’s us. Welcome


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