Interior floors in ceramic tiles

Full body, coloured body, hand-made or Hi-Tech: the ceramic floor tiles by STONE are endlessly varied. They cover any floor with soft colour nuances or charming retro-motives and take on amazing looks of nature stone, parquet or concrete. Ceramic floor tiles are scratch-resistant, easy to maintain and in addition, they are available in the most diverse dimensions: from XXL size to XS mosaics.

STONE is a wholesaler of ceramic floor and wall tiles. We distribute the following brands:

Alcalagres, Alleluia, Appiani, Coem, Fioranese, Imola, Keratec, Margres, Pamesa, Primus Vittoria, Prismacer, Seranit, Vogue en Zelliges.

Full body

Exterior floors in ceramic tiles: patios, driveways, etc.

Would you like to bring the atmosphere from your living room out into the garden? You can do just that with ceramic exterior tiles by STONE. These ceramic patio tiles are extremely resistant, easy to maintain and stain- and scratch-resistant.

STONE developed its own line of ceramic tiles for outdoors: ALTRA PIETRA. This unique assortment of exterior tiles with its amazing nature stone appearance and wood imitations was inspired by the best nature has to offer.

Coloured body – 2cm

Coloured body – 3cm

Wall covering in ceramic tiles: shower walls, splash walls, etc.

Ceramic wall tiles by STONE are extremely diverse and find their application in any project. Available in various sizes, from XS mosaics to XXL-size ceramic wall tiles, they cover shower walls, splash walls, columns, etc., in soft colour nuances or charming retro-motives. Or what do you think of the incredible looks of nature stone, parquet or concrete? Wall covering in ceramic is aesthetically pleasing, maintenance-friendly and scratchproof.


As a wholesaler in ceramic wall and floor tiles, STONE distributes the following brands: Alcalagres, Alleluia, Appiani, Coem, Fioranese, Imola, Keratec, Margres, Pamesa, Primus Vittoria, Prismacer, Seranit, Vogue en Zelliges.

White body

Façade covering in ceramic tiles

Thanks to their great resistance to weather conditions, such as heat, frost and UV rays, ceramic tiles are particularly suitable as façade covering. Ceramic façade covering is also easy to attach, thanks to ventilated installation with an aluminium support structure, or glued to insulation. Thanks to its worldwide projects, STONE has a lot of expertise in façade covering with ceramic tiles and is available for consultation.

Glazed porcelain

Kitchen and bathroom counters in ceramic

Ceramic counters are ultra-strong and lightweight and are therefore the ideal covering for your bathroom furniture or kitchen island. The kitchen counters in ceramic by STONE are available in solid colours, naturally nuanced shades, natural-looking nature stone imitations, or even super-smooth concrete looks. In addition to their attractive appearance, a ceramic counter is also heat- and scratch-resistant, dirt-repelling, hygienic and maintenance-friendly.


A ceramic kitchen or bathroom counter is made of 3200x1500x12 mm ceramic panel material and customized at the STONE studio.

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