Dear customer, 

As part of the imposed measures against the Coronavirus, we have made the following internal agreements from March 24, 2020

  1. Update

Stone nv will close completely as of March 24 and provisionally provides for a minimal staffing on Tuesdays and Thursdays for employees who offer you the best possible service behind closed doors.

Please note that the situation can change quickly and we adjust the situation daily. It is recommended to always call the company first before taking initiatives.

  1. Collection is only possible on predetermined days under the following conditions:

– between 8 a.m. and p.m. – 5 p.m.

– only after pre-ordering by email or telephone and after our services have confirmed a collection time;

– you must call 09/3889111 on arrival; Once on site, we ask to keep a minimum distance of 3 meters because of our warehouse workers and the rules imposed by the government regarding respect for hygiene;

– cash payment is not possible (customers who have to pay cash cannot pick up);

– unannounced collections are no longer possible, the gate will remain closed from March 24

  1. . Deliveries (by us) will continue for the time being, provided that the following is taken into account:

– the delivery note must no longer be signed off;

– there is no direct contact between our driver and the customer;

4. Showrooms

Our showrooms and depots are closed to the public.

Our employees continue to work behind closed doors on Tuesdays and Thursdays to continue to guarantee the best possible service.

Kind regards,

Stone nv

From triptych to one established value

If you look over STONE’s shoulder to where it once began, you’ll see nearly 100 years of history, expertise and mastery.


In 1923, 1959 and 2006, the first stones were laid for Bomarbre, Stone (West) and Cerabos. On 1 July 2018, we bundled these three established values into one new company. The latest STONE makes it into one family consisting of three characters with each a long history and in-depth expertise.
Active as a wholesaler in tiles and panels and as a supplier of custom work for stairs and kitchens and more, STONE also has a solid export policy focussed on trading and foreign projects. This has enabled us to acquire a strong position in the market and today we are known as a high-quality solution for both nature stone, ceramics and terrazzo.


Three materials, three activities and one DNA chockfull of expertise: that is STONE. That’s us. Welcome to our family.

Discover Terrazzo

Ontdek Terrazzo

Discover Nature stone

Ontdek Natuursteen

Discover Ceramics

Ontdek Keramiek



Thanks to our export activities, the name STONE has the ring of excellence about it internationally. From Brazil to Japan, from Italy to Taiwan: STONE trades in nature stone, ceramic and terrazzo in tiles and panels in all corners of the world.


In addition to our role as trader, STONE is also very active in the international project market. Thanks to our extensive network of partners, our materials can be seen in many projects all over the world: from boulevards in Hong Kong to façades in Moscow, from resorts along Lake Garda to universities in Copenhagen.

Nature stone… endlessly versatile.