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Gumo blocks



The Gumo-Blocks tile carrier has been specially developed for laying stone on roof terraces in accordance with the traditional methods for floors, in other words with screed. This gives a perfect finish.

Gumo-Blocks consist of various components:
Step 1: 
A black base container that serves as a support and is closed along the length of the base. The sides are slightly perforated to allow the water in the tile carrier to drain away. Pre-formed square polypropylene moulds measuring 13 cm x 13 cm and 2 cm high.

Step 2: 
Segments of various heights can be clicked onto this basic container. These are hollow, preformed square polypropylene moulds. The sides are also slightly perforated.
A red segment measuring 13 cm x 13 cm and 2 cm high and a 6 cm-high yellow segment.

Step 3: 
Polypropylene laths can be mounted in a cross and serve to dose the grouting between the tiles. They fit onto the superstructure so the tile carrier can be divided into various compartment.

The following steps should be followed for laying tiles:
• Mark out dimensions.
• Tighten the tiler's cord.
• Position the black base container.
• Stack the various Gumo-Block segments to the required height.
• Fill the Gumo-Blocks with screed.
• Fit the cross laths.
• Add a little extra screed in each corner.
• Tap tiles in gently up to the tensioned tiler's cord.

Advantages of Gumo-Blocks
As this system uses screed it is excellent for compensating for the thickness difference in natural stone tiles: this results in a perfect fit (100% level). Moreover, this tilling system is also more efficient and time-saving than existing systems.

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